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What Flowers Symbolize as Gifts

One may consider flowers as a good gift in a wedding, a birthday, when visiting a sick person or even in a baby shower. Bearing in mind that there are a variety of flowers in the market, one may need to know their meaning before gifting anyone. One, for example, may need to note that red roses signify love and would be the best gift for a loved one. On the other hand, one may need to know of sunflowers and tulips which also tend to come with their meanings. In the same line, one may consider going for daisies in an instant where there is a grieving mind. It would, as a result, be essential for one to know what meanings different flowers carries. Below are some of the common flowers you would need to know about before buying them as gifts.

As earlier mentioned, roses maybe some of the flowers you may need to give as gift. Roses tend to symbolize love and care but tends to send different meanings depending on the numbers sent as well as the color. A red rose tends to be a common symbol of romance. An orange rose tends to be a symbol of friendship while a white one tends to be a gift of innocence. Pink roses tend to signify gratitude. The number, on the other hand, may send a signal that you love and value them, you have a crush on them or even to ask the person in question one. One rose tends to be a sign of first sight while two roses tend to be a sign of deep love. A dozen of roses tend to be a signal of a declaration of love. In a case where you have a crush on someone, you may need to consider sending him or her seven roses.

One may also need to know orchids as flower gifts. Just like roses, orchid tend to be so many in the world and mostly tend to send the meaning of sensual love and healthy fertility. You may consider sending them as a gift for a baby shower or even as a gift on Valentine’s Day. Daisies, on the other hand, tend to symbolize sweetness and innocence and hence perfect gift to little girls, new mothers and also for people born in April.

Daffodils on the other end tends to have different meanings across the world. In most cases, daffodils tend to mean new beginnings due to their nature of blooming so early in spring. In a case where you want to send the message of love and loyalty, you may need to consider sending sunflowers. You may also need to go for calla lily in a case where you want to send the signal of faithfulness and holiness.

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