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a Guide to Tightening Security in Your Church

When you have a proper security program, you will be able to have all the protocols well approved and designed to ensure that your culture and leadership is well respected. The team that you have will be well committed to ensuring that your church will attract volunteers who will be well versed to serving the church and ensure that proper security measures are put in place. There are lots of violent cases that have been witnessed across the globe at the churches, you need to formulate a way that will protect the congregation. This extract will be essential in knowing the ways that you can be able to stay safe from crime in churches by improving church security.

You need to ensure that you have a church security plan. Ensure that you put in writing all the procedures that you need to put in place including the policy and procedures to be followed in the plan. You need to know that when you have the right procedure, you will be able to establish a plan that is suitable for the security and this will keep you safe all the time. There are new ways of handling security, and when you join the right training school, you will be taught great ways of handling security professionally.

The security in the church can be controlled when you have controlled hours that you operate. Always ascertain that no one is left behind at the late hours when the church is closed. A church which has been existing for years will ascertain that there is no time at the designated hours’ anyone would be inside there. If there are any operations during this time, they all need to be done with. Whenever the building is empty, the volunteers or employees should never be alone inside there. Numbers always come with security and this is what you need to have in your building.

All building entrances are safe when they are all keyed. You can well know who is coming in the church building when you have all the places of entrances keyed all the time especially when no operations are taking place. Thus, if you want to know who is entering the building and exiting, then you need to have all the entrances keyed. Do not trust the volunteers to always lock the doors since they might be forgetful and this cannot be blamed on anyone. Therefore, to be safe all the time, have doors which have a swipe card or key that locks automatically to close. Security will be tight when you have locks opened with keys all removed. Finally, the last tip is that you need to have procedures of locking-down.

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