Best Ways to Assess a Potential Employee

Hiring new staff is more difficult than it seems. Just because someone looks good on paper, it doesn’t mean that they’re the best candidate for the position. There are other ways to assess potential employees other than looking at their resumes. Use these tips to make sure you’re bringing the best people into your company.

Perform Background Checks

One of the best ways to assess the character or a candidate that you plan on hiring is by performing background checks. Use credit check services for employers to see how responsible your potential employee is with finances. You can also perform a criminal background check to see if they’ve committed any crimes in the past. You can also use background checks to verify a potential employee’s education, their social security number and character references.

Conduct an Interview

Interviewing is one the key parts of the hiring process. Usually if someone moves onto the interview phase, it means that their resume is impressive and that they’re a stand-out candidate. Interviews are the time to see how they would bring their experience to your company. Ask your potential employee important questions that reflect scenarios that may happen in your company. Ask them how they’ve sold problems at their previous jobs, how they would handle a difficult customer or client and why they left their last jobs.

Contact Their References

One of the best ways to see if someone is a good employee is to contact their previous bosses. Collect three references from a potential employee. People usually put down past employers, mentors or higher ups from their previous companies. It’s important to contact these references to verify that the potential employee actually worked where they claimed they worked on their resume and how they were as employees. They can say all the right answers during an interview, but these references can confirm or deny their validity.

Once you perform all these steps, you’ll now whether a candidate is a good fit for your company.