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Skip Hire Tips

Skips are hired because of several reasons. Reasons that make one hire skips are like removing an old kitchen or bathroom, eliminating debris from the garden and also having spring clear out. Hiring skip is an easy process. There are many companies that are offering the opportunity of booking your skip online, and this makes the process to be easy. The process will force you to first book the hiring of your skip from a hire company. You will have to give the size of skip you need and also the date and time you would like your skip to be delivered. Your skip will be delivered by them on the date you will specify. As long as you fill the skip with your trash, you can keep it even for months.

After the skip is ready for removal, you will have to give the skip hire company notice of when you would like your skip collected. Wait and load service is another option that is offered by the skip hire company. It means the skip will be delivered to you and the driver will have to wait as you load it. He will take it away thereafter you have load it. If you have a collection of waste ready for loading particularly if you don’t need the skip for a longer time, this is the best option.

If you have insufficient space on your property for the skip, you will have to place it on the public road or pavement. If you choose to place the skip on the roadside, the council will have to grant you permission to do that. The skip hire company many times is the one that arranges that permit when you order your skip. However, some councils will only grant the permit if only the person who is hiring the skip goes to them and not the skip hire company.

If the skip is placed on the road, the person hiring the skip is the one who should be responsible for making sure the skip has proper warning lights attached. The skip hire company is the one that provides these lights when ordering the skip. You skip may be filled with everything even though there is some waste that should not be stored there. Items that you should not keep in your skip are like the aerosols, gas canisters, computer monitors, televisions, full paint cans, and food waste.

The skip should not be overloaded. It is because overloading can cause problems in picking up the skip or harm pedestrians and motorists. It is not allowed to load skip in places that are above the top of walls of the skip. The skip hire company sometimes reserve the right to level the waste if the skip is overloaded.

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