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Ways to Hire the Excellent Truck Driver

You do not need to go on overboard, but if you will hire for the right kind of company driver, you need to make sure that you have to prepare something that you can invest for your money right upfront. Make sure that you have to follow the steps that is being provided when you are looking for the right kind of the company truck driver.

Make sure that you are going to do an interview for the truck driver when you are looking for the possible or the potential driver. You can hire a certain member of the transportation department who is going to sit in for the interview for you when there is none among the HR department has driven the truck before. If you do not have other person who will do the interview, then you can ask for the experienced driver who will do the interview process and be part of the team.

Make sure that you give time for the transportation member to participate to that of the interview process for you. The HR can be able to give them the proper and the best way to be able to ask the applicant with regards to the application. The good thing is that the company driver can be able to ask some job specific questions and then know from that of the interviewee’s the certain answers if ever they have the skills or none.

The second tip is to have the practical skills kind of interview. You can also have the applicant to do the demo for the basic skills for that of your second interview.

Make sure that you also do the third step which is running of through the driver’s profile. You can also run for the driver’s Compliance, Safety, and the Accountability, or the CSA profile the soonest you can able to do it. Maybe you have already run for the motor vehicle report for all of your drivers, but running for the CSA profile will actually aid you to be able to weed out those of the drivers who have the chances of causing an accidents, tickets, or those that may cause some safety-related incidents for your company truck.

You can also benefit from that of the on-the-job kind of evaluation. You can ask the transportation manager if he or she can follow the truck driver on the road during that of the completion training for the first two weeks. Do not tell the driver about this so that he or she will not be cautious that you had someone following the driver. This is to evaluate the driving skills and the ability to follow the policy in the road.

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