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Factors You Need to Consider in Making a Custom Wine Cellar for Your Home

Planning the perfect wine cellar requires a lot of factors that must be taken into account. Nonetheless, it is unwise to do things on your own, you should be seeking a professional wine cellar expert to help you.

If you happen to have a wine cellar expert by your side, you should then decide the perfect location in your home where you will have your custom wine cellar added. Will it be placed on the ground level of your home? Does your home have a basement? Perhaps you prefer to have your wine cellar placed on your second floor or even higher? Should you put it adjacent to one of your outside walls or will it be placed in the interior of your home? Are you thinking of putting your wine cellar in a space that is already existent in your home like below your staircase, an existing closet, a pantry, off the dining room, and an unused room? Or do you intend to make it an entirely new addition to your home? Basically, your wine cellar can be built in any of these mentioned locations. Once you have chosen a good location for your wine cellar, it will still add challenges to having a climate control system installed in your home.

This only goes to say why after deciding on the location for your wine cellar, you proceed to determine what kind or refrigeration or cooling unit or climate control system you will be getting. If you look at the current market, you will see that you can choose from a wide array of systems. Each type will offer you a range of sizes that would perfectly fit the size of your wine cellar. Your wine cellar expert will be able to give you advice on which size and type of cooling unit will fit your wine cellar best.

Though some cooling units will already provide you with specifications on the correct cubic footage size of your wine cellar, you should not rely on them completely. You have to remember a lot of factors again as you decide on the perfect size of the cooling unit that you will be needing. If you are looking for a cost-effective system, a through the wall system or a self-contained cooling unit is what you need. Built in one unit is the condenser and the evaporator. In addition to removing the heat from your cellar, it will also be able to give off the heat that you may need.

Once you have decided what kind of cooling system works well with your wine cellar with the help of your wine cellar expert, you should then choose a racking design for your wine cellar. Will your racking design be the more modern one that is a metal racking or will it be a more traditional one using a wooden racking design? If you want to be traditional, then you should choose a wooden racking. However, if you want to add something modern to your home, then a metal racking is great.

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