Tips for Choosing Children’s Room Properties


Giving children flexibility in independent learning can be realized by providing a bedroom for themselves. Usually, children aged 2 or 3 years are allowed to start their activities and rest in the private room. As for applying the concept as well as choosing the properties of a child’s room, actually, it is not much different from an adult’s room. Indeed, it is the safety and comfort factors that need to be prioritized because children are still under parental supervision. Well, here are some tips to know.

Match Your Child’s Bedroom Color To Match

Children’s bedroom designs don’t have to always use cheerful colors that are too flashy. We can also create a classic room theme, for example with soft, soothing colors. Also adjust the child’s favorite characters and characters if there are any, to add a sense of comfort to him.

Avoid Choosing Sharp Furniture Corners

Childhood will play and move more agile. Given this, the shape of furniture with sharp angles should be avoided to prevent fatal accidents in the future. Choose furniture with oval or curved corners to make it safer. If necessary, we can also design our own or modify the shape of the furniture that is safer for children.

Durability And Stability Of Furniture Materials

Furniture is included in solid material objects that have a good balance and strength of construction. Nowadays, types of furniture materials vary widely. Wood and rattan are generally safer because they do not rust and are not sharp. Various types of furniture textures should also be prioritized so as not to injure the skin in children.

Selection Of Unique Furniture Models

The next thing to note is the selection of furniture models. We can choose a furniture model according to the tastes of an adorable child with various characters and colors, or choose a simple style furniture model that is durable and can be used until the child grows up.

Usually, this model is more flexible and minimalist, which can be used for the following years. Meanwhile, for the choice of paint on the walls, mix bright colors to balance the color of the furniture. We can also attach children’s favorite wall stickers so that the bedroom atmosphere becomes more attractive and cheerful.