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What You Need to Know about Getting Immigration Bonds in California

One way of being released to wait hearing one you have been arrested for immigration reasons is to look for immigration bail bonds. However you should be aware that you will be granted this release if only you are not a threat to the security and peace of the public. As such arrest for immigration crimes should not cause anyone unnecessary worry because with immigration bail bonds it is possible to get released. For this reason make a point of learning about immigration bail bonds particularly if you are in California so that if you or your loved one gets arrested for immigration reasons there will be a handy solution. This homepage offers a helpful piece and it is aimed at enlightening those who are in California about types of immigration bail bonds ,process if getting them ,price as well as how to get the right immigration bond agent.

There are two major categories of immigration bail bonds. To start with is the delivery bail bond particularly given to illegal immigrants who are either detained in the cell or have a warrant of arrest. With this type of a bail the accused can be released to continue living with his or her people as he or she is waiting for court hearing. Second the voluntary departure type of a bond is the second one where an detainee can go back to his or her country. If the person went back to their country immediately the bail was granted the bail bond amount will always be refunded after the court ruling.

When getting a bail bond for a loved one you must have a legal status in California and you will need to book an appointment with the immigration office which is affiliated with the center where your loved one is detained. Ideally this appointment can be made by the phone and after the appointment is booked that is when you will pay for the bail amount. The payment is meant to tie the accused to a commitment of appearing for court hearing.

In most cases it is the immigration judge who is entrusted with the responsibility of determining the immigration bond amount. Typically the bail amount for a delivery bail bond is fifteen hundred dollars while that of voluntary departure is five hundred dollars.

To conclude whenever your loved have been detained the best option for you is to look for a bail bond agent near you. Here ensure that you get a licensed one and one who you can easily trust. Bail bonds agents save you the hassle of looking for the money yourself.

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